Thursday, December 25, 2008

Qinghai Tibetans

Almost one quarter of the population in Qinghai are Tibetans. With their distinctive language, clothing, food, culture, architecture, and religion. We went up a mountain top to take in a fantastic panoramic view of some of their villages.

The first set of 5 photos sweep from the left to the right. On the left hand side (1 and 2) is a long and narrow valley of fields and village houses.

The third one is looking straight ahead from the mountain.

On the right (4 and 5), another long valley ending in a lama monastery.

The last 3 are close-ups of one of their houses (6), a pagoda (7), and a cemetery (8).

It is a view and a people that we will not easily forget. We said a prayer for the people on that mountain top before we left.


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