Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Moon

Last Sunday evening, I went out for a walk on the waterfront with my daughter because she had a headache. That’s when she took this photo. The setting sun painted the sky in an ever-changing, undescribable range of colours, the new moon was just beginning to appear, and it was just so beautiful. Then we went home to have a simple but happy dinner. Many of the most beautiful things in life are free. Being able to enjoy them with people you love is better than having a million dollars.


Anonymous said...

God opens our eyes (as He opens our hearts) for His creation which is the most beautiful of all.

Very little things make us happy, right, especially if we don't take life for granted?

Your happiness has affected me. Ann

StephenC said...

I am learning to be thankful and not to take things or people for granted.

I am also happy that the five of us were able to get together after so many years.